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USA, Florida, UT, Massachusetts, Georgia, Michigan, Texas Shawn Knickerbocker USA, FL Can conduct training & FAa cert in all aeroplanes, helicopters & gliders (including motorgliders) Please contact for more specific info Airgyro Aviation USA, UT, Spanish Fork Fixed Wing Types: Diamond Eclipse (Private, Instrument), Beechcraft ME (Commercial) We have 2 Full-Time CFI instructors to provide beginner to advance pilot training in fixed wing. We currently have 2 SparrowHawk Gyroplanes for Sale and a Velocity XL-5. We have corporate rates at the Marriott and Hampton Inn, and the Days Inn is real close as well. Contact us for information Glen Garrick USA/ FLorida/ DeLand Fixed Wing Types: Single and Multi engine, IFR, Helicopter, Gyro CFI for over 20 years, Trains in R-44, R-22, and RAF2000. SFAR sign offs/sport pilot,CFI. Train in my RAF2000 or yours.  Arnold L. Sperling USA/Massachusetts/Wayland Fixed Wing Types: Airplane, Seaplane, single, multi, Helicopter, instrument CFI Gyroplane Rick Abercrombie USA; State: Georgia; City: Stockbridge offer training from introductory flight lessons, Sport pilot training, Private pilot , commercial pilot and CFI instruction. I train at Covington, Ga. witch is about 30 miles east of Atlanta, Ga. I have been flying gyroplanes for over 25 years and have over 4000 hours total. I fly helicopters airplanes, gliders and hang gliders as well as ultralights. So if you are flying any of these, I can relate the differences to flying a Gyroplane. NS Aviation Nick Schillen USA, Florida, Pembroke Pines Aircraft types :  Cessna 172's, Piper Arrow & Seneca Thank you for your interest in our flight training services. All we do at NS Aviation is teach people how to fly. Since 1999 our goal has been to provide top quality personalized flight training service to ensure our students become knowledgeable, skillful and safe pilots. We accomplish this goal by offering professionally managed Part 61 and FAA approved Part 141 flight training courses. We are authorized by USIS to process I-20 visa requests by international students looking to train in the US with us. We are a Cessna Pilot Center staffed with highly motivated flight instructors. Our training facility is located at North Perry airport, which is on the borderline between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It provides a relaxed learning environment for both students and instructors alike. Our fleet of Cessna 172, Piper Arrow II and Seneca II trainer aircraft is maintained to the highest maintenance standards and is kept in excellent cosmetic condition. Our modern facility includes high-tech services, such as on-site CATS computer testing and a flight simulator, as well as a well-stocked pilot shop and fingerprinting services. Our location at North Perry Airport is perfect for flight training. Our student pilots can develop their proficiency at a not-too-crowded airport, yet be exposed to the rigorous demands of flying near major international airports. We welcome the opportunity and look forward to answer any questions or concerns you might have about training with us. For more detailed information about our courses and services, please visit us at www.nsaviation.com. Preston Aviation, LLC USA, Florida, Winter Haven Fixed Wing Types: Stearman & Piper Cub Tailwheel Flight School ! Specializing in tailwheel transition training in our PT-17 Stearman and Piper J-3 Cub. 19 years in business, hundreds of happy customers ! A great way to accomplish your BFR or High Performance Endorsements TakeFlight Professional Flight Training, LLC Paul A. Stagias USA, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Fixed Wing Types: SEL, MEL, Land Private, Instrument, Commercial, Mult-Engine, ATP, Flight Instructor  Eusebio Valdes USA, Miami FL Aircraft types :  Cessna 172, Decathlon, Piper Seneca We offer a one hour introductory flight to acquaint you with the thrill and technical skills to fly an airplane. Get behind the wheel and take off, fly the friendly skies and land comfortably with the instructor right next to you guiding you with ease. This is a great way to sample the experience of flying and determine if this is something you want to continue learning for personal or professional reasons. The rate is $140 for an hour with an instructor. Or you may be interested in buying a gift certificate for your spouse, friend or any loved one for birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion. For the introductory flight or gift certificates, please contact Eusebio Valdes at 305-255-5519. Ready to take off? Please visit www.miamifly.com to see my profile and records of my 28 years of flight instructing basic, single,multi engine, tail wheel, aerobatics and helicopters. Thom Richard - Warbirdadventures.com Warbird Adventures, Inc. Thom Richard  Kissimmee, FL, USA Aircraft types:  T-6, SNJ The world's largest and most experienced T-6 Texan flight school. Aerobatics, formation and type specific training available all year. Open Mon - Sat 09:00 - 17:00 We'll put in the front seat right away and teach you everything you want to know about these historic beauties. Whether you are already a licensed pilot or a novice, we'll have you looping and rolling in no time flat. No flying experience is necessary. www.warbirdadventures.com Located at the Kissimmee Air Museum only a few miles away from the central Florida attractions. Thom Richard Kissimmee, FL, USA Aircraft types: TS-11, T-6, P-51, PC-6, DHC-6, Stearman, L-19, Type specific training. My aircraft or yours. Tailwheel, Aerobatics, formation & air racing. Will travel anywhere. Daily or hourly rates. Solo Aviation Inc. Sharon Wyant USA Michigan, Ann Arbor Aircraft types: Cessna, Diamond, Piper, Beechcraft Single/Multi Training Private through ATP FAA Part 61 and 141 VA Approved   www.soloaviation.aero/ Pacific Prowler USA, Texas, Ft. Worth Aircraft type: B-25 Mitchell Have you ever wondered what is was like to pilot a World War Two bomber? Do you have Walter Mitty dreams of doing just that? We offer flight training in our North American B-25 Mitchell bomber based at Meacham Field (KFTW) in Ft. Worth TX. We have several packages ranging from an hour of dual up to full blown type ratings. You will be in the left seat and hands on during all phases of flight. Please visit our website www.b25.org or call us for more information.  Name: Paul Salmon, CFI Country: USA, Missouri, Cape Girardeau Helicopter Types: Robinson R22, R44 We provide Helicopter flight instruction from Private through CFI. Check out our website at aerialventures.com Arnold L. Sperling Country: USA/Massachusetts/Wayland Gyro Types: all including A&S 18A Information: CFI for over 20 years, Trains in R-44, R-22, and RAF2000. SFAR sign offs/sport pilot,CFI. Train in my RAF2000 or yours.Fixed Wing Types: Airplane, Seaplane, single, multi, Helicopter, instrument hotairballoonflightschool.com Albert Lowenstein USA NM Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon LTA Private or Commercial, flight and ground, new or additional ratings .(Chef Pilot is ATP so we can relate to add ons!) We fly to your schedule, every flyable day. Your system or ours, we train primarily in a Cameron C-80. There are two DPE's in town, plus the FAA so we have no issues scheduling check rides! Typical PVT LTA is two weeks, COM LTA is three. No knowledge exams necessary for additional category ratings. We fly year around, except during the AIBF, the first days of October.balloonacyltd.com Dave Sullivan USA Fayetteville, Georgia,Hot Air Balloon Flight Training offered thru Balloonacy, ltd, LLC, FAA Part 141 Certificate SU9S747J. Integrated syllabus, all equipment supplied. Part 141 LTA Training Michael Gianetti USA, Colorado, Boulder: Hot Air Balloon Life Cycle Balloon Balloon Adventures, founded in 1971, is Colorado's oldest and most experienced hot air balloon company. We offer hot air balloon rides, FAA certified balloon inspection & repair, flight instruction, flight reviews, new and used balloon sales and consignments, and we are an authorized FireFly Balloons dealer.  

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